NIELSEN & MALCOLM (H.K.) LIMITED of China Inspection Company Limited was registered as an independent notary inspection agency in 1953. It was the then sole Chinese-owned company in the Hong Kong assessment industry. Marked by vicissitudes in half a century, NIELSEN & MALCOLM (H.K.) LIMITED is still actively engaged in assessment in Hong Kong, etc. and has never changed the fine tradition of being responsible for customers.

At present, when the economy in Hong Kong and China is booming, NIELSEN & MALCOLM (H.K.) LIMITED will provide better services for our honored customers and develop our business more quickly.

Contact Details

Address: 29/F, East Tower, Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Rd.C., Hong Kong
Tel:(852)28079282;Fax:(852) 25109754。

Scope of Business

The business of the Company mainly includes:

  1. Assessment of fire insurance loss and loss of business after fire;
  2. Assessment of loss due to typhoon, storm and flood;
  3. Assessment of loss due to stealing and robbing;
  4. Assessment of accident insurance loss, including loss due to leakage of fire extinguishing system, water pipe bursting, and traffic accidents;;
  5. Assessment of loss due to malicious destruction;
  6. Assessment of vehicle inspection;
  7. Goods inspection, including quantity, weight, package, damage, etc.;
  8. Value assessment for new and used mechanical equipment.
Information for Customers

Today, people can’t absolutely ensure to eliminate natural and man-made disasters forever, such as fire, wind damage, flood, stealing, robbing, traffic accidents, industrial accidents, malicious destruction, etc. Therefore, people seek help from insurance companies and pay small amount of premium to buy insurance, so as to be compensated in case of loss due to disaster. Here, as a third party, the Company can play an important role in assessing the loss to provide basis for settlement of insurance claim. Our timely service can also help reduce loss to make compensation smooth and easily solve disputes between the policy holder and the insurance company.

If you are engaged in international trade, you can designate the Company to do the tedious work, such as goods inspection, etc. for you and just wait for the good news via phone. Our goods inspectors will go to the ships, terminals, warehouses or plants to inspect goods personally to ensure you receive goods ordered of the specified quantity. In case of damage, our goods inspectors will analyze the causes and find the responsible party from the numerous related parties, such as manufacturer, seller, consigner, carrier, insurer, etc., for recovery of loss.

If you invest in the industries in the Mainland or other regions, the Company can assess the price of the machinery equipment you ordered to make you have good value for money. If you invest in establishment of a plant with used machinery equipment, the Company can also assess the equipment and determine a fair and reasonable price. Our past valuation reports were widely accepted and promoted good cooperation.

If you are going to buy insurance, the Company can provide advice to help you correctly and effectively arrange insurance issues.

Generally speaking, no matter you are the supervisor of an insurance company, trader, factory owner or ordinary people, please keep in mind that the Company protects your interests. You just provide necessary presentation of condition and relevant certificates and pay reasonable fee, and you can enjoy our loyal service, thus saves you a lot of money. In case of need, please contact us.

Flow of Communication

1. The customer entrusts the service and details the content;
2. Quotation, schedule of related work, and details description.