Beijing Huake Quality Inspection Co., Ltd.

Beijing Huake Quality Inspection Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is the wholly-owned subsidiary in Beijing of China Inspection Company Limited (Hong Kong). Beijing Huake Quality Inspection Co., Ltd. is a third party product quality inspection and appraisal organization with independent legal person qualification approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the SAIC and recognized by the AQSIQ.

The business of the Company includes: inspection and appraisal of imported and exported daily necessities and consumer goods, such as electronic and electrical appliances, light industry products, textiles, toys, etc., imported and exported mechanical and electrical equipment, mineral products and chemicals; technical consulting, technical service, and technical training.

By relying on the strong technical background and business support of China Inspection Company Limited, Beijing Huake Quality Inspection Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly provides quality and reliable inspection and appraisal services for customers all over the world to ensure customers’ products meet the domestic and foreign quality inspection standards and provides quick, reliable and efficient one-stop service for customers’ products entering the domestic and international markets smoothly. In addition, the Company carries out technical consulting services for pre-approval, document filing, etc. with respect to inspection and appraisal.

Contact Details
Address: Room 208, No. 241 Huixin Lane, Huixin West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Fax: 010-5864 8676
Fax: 010-6492 7003